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Statement of Purpose

1. To help church leaders become grounded in God’s unconditional love, thus freeing them from a performance mentality.
Only when a person is free from having to perform in order to be accepted will they experience the freedom to fulfill the calling upon their life.

2. To develop ongoing meaningful relationships.
A survey by Barna Research revealed that 70% of all pastors do not have anyone they consider a close friend. It is our goal to reach out to leaders that feel alone.

3. To be a friend and confidant in a time of need.
All of us are faced with challenges in life and ministry and at times need someone we can trust to be a voice of encouragement.

4. To recover and restore discouraged leaders.
Religion kills the wounded and regards them as of little value. It is our heart to reach out to those who have fallen or become discouraged and have lost hope for future ministry.

5. To provide resources for personal and leadership growth that are rooted in grace and peace.
Only through continual learning can we maintain a fresh edge and insight into effective ministry in our generation.

6. To develop leaders that will expand God’s kingdom in the earth.
Whatever happens in the leader is duplicated in the follower.

7. To work together with others for greater effectiveness.
Eccl.4:9, says, “Two people can accomplish more than twice as much as one; they get a better return for their labor.” (NLT)

8. To provide licensing, ordination, oversight and accountability for ministers.
All ministers need accountability and support. Being connected to a larger body beyond the local church provides this and increases credibility and influence.

9. To develop and prepare the way for the next generation of leaders.
Someone once said success without a successor is no success at all, so we must do all we can to equip and prepare the next generation for effective ministry.

10. To develop ministries of excellence and integrity.
People around the world are searching for someone they can trust and the church should be the first place they look, not the last.

11. To reach out to the masses with God’s love through world evangelism.
With organized efforts the world can be changed.

12. To influence the world one person at a time.
We will never allow the masses to overshadow the value of the individual and God’s love for them.